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Work First is working in Edgecombe County

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

WOTC is a federal tax credit program available to employers who hire new employees from nine "targeted groups" which have historically had difficulty in finding employment.

The maximum federal income tax credit available is $2,400 per eligible worker (40 percent of up to $6,000 in qualified wages paid during the first year of employment if the employee works a minimum of 400 hours). If the employee works a minimum of 120 hours, but not more than 399 hours, the tax credit is based on 25 percent of up to $6,000. The exact amount of net saving depends upon each employee's tax bracket plus the number of qualified wages paid.

For more information on WOTC and for a list of the "targeted groups" go to www.ncesc.com/business/savemoney/wotc.asp

Federal Bonding Program

FBP enhances the employability of a potential employee by offering additional bonding protection in the amount of $5,000 per individual.  Individual fidelity bonds are provided to employers for job applicants who are (or maybe) denied coverage by commercial carriers.  Coverage is provided at no cost to the employee or job applicant.  More information about the FBP is available at www.ncesc.com.

100 Day No-Fault Guarantee

Hiring employees through Work First can guarantee against unnecessary costs if the employee cannot do the job. If you have to terminate a new employee referred through Work First, your employment insurance account will not be charged if you notify the local Employment Security Commission office. The termination must occur within a 100-day probationary period. This gives employers a greater potential for holding down their unemployment costs by allowing more time to build successful working relationships and to evaluate the job performance of employees  

Your Advantages as a Work First Employer

  • Increased Recruitment Pool
  • Lower Turnover Rate
  • Positive Image in the Community
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Advantages to the Community

  • Decreased Dependence on Welfare
  • Positive Role Models
  • Children of Working Parents are found to be healthier and more productive in school

Advantages to Your Work First Employees

The Work First Program offers clients supportive services that should help clients remain on the job.  These supportive services include such things as help with childcare, transportation, uniforms, tuition, books, fees, and other one-time employment expenses.

With all of these things considered, Work First strives to offer our local employers, good workers.  We understand that the Edgecombe County workforce is becoming more demanding, but we feel that our clients can help to meet some of that demand if given a chance.

Businesses and employers interested in offering work experience sites or hiring Work First participants should contact Sherrece Cousar or Quay Canaday at 252-985-5009 and 252-641-1363 respectively.