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Eastern Star Bapist Church

Eastern Star Bapist Church
Church and Wagner Sts., Tarboro
Founded in 1906
A small band of Christian believers exercising their rights to freedom of religion needed a place to worship God.  After going from house to house in the East Tarboro Community, their needs were met when Brothers Henry Hart, Willie Reeves and Alfred Woods bargained to purchase a lot, from George and Harriet Holderness of the Panola Land Company, located on the corner of Church and Wagner Streets. 
Our first sanctuary (the former Howard Memorial Presbyterian Church) was purchased and moved to our current site in 1906.  The beloved house of God was destroyed by hurricane Floyd in 1999.  However, the church of God resides in the heart and soul of His children; our faith remained firm that our Lord and Savior held our future in His hands.   The building was gone, but our desire to continue to serve God lived on.  During our journey in the wilderness we were blessed by our sister Churches, St. Paul MBC and St. James Temple MBC, who opened their doors and welcomed us with open arms; allowing us to share their sanctuary to continue our mission to do the will of our Father in Heaven.  In 2002 the Lord blessed us and brought us out of the wilderness to a brand new sanctuary at our original site. 
Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church is extremely proud of its rich history, which contains a great deal of Christian progress.  God has brought us this far by faith.  During the month of July, 2013 we will celebrate our 107th anniversary.  To God be the glory for all that He has done!