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Wilinson-Dozier House

Wilkinson-Dozier House
Ca, 1725l E side SR 1526, 1.7 mi SE of SR 1524,
Tarboro vic.; private, visible from road
The 2-sory, frame plantation house is distinguished by a 2-tier portico, where slender, turned columns, linked by a lattice balustrade, carry a pediment with enriched cornice. This is one of several local houses with individualized Federal detailing, including lavish reeding. The house was probably built for Silas and Sally Wilkinson shortly after they married in 1822; he accumulated holdings of over 1,500 acres. Recently moved here from other sites are a 1 1/2-story, hall-parlor-plan farmhouse of ca. 1825 and a ca, 1830 kitchen and barn.