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First Incorporated African-American Community

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The first town incorporated by African-Americans in the United States, Princeville wasestablished by freed slaves after the Civil War in 1885. Originally known as Freedom Hill, its name was changed to Princeville in honor of Turner Prince, an African-American man who was responsible for building many of the homes in the community. Adjacent to the Tar River, the town has been flooded many times, most notably by Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Rains from the hurricane contributed to the rising of waters in some areas to more than 23 feet above sea level.
Neat Fact: During that time after the Flood, Bill Clinton, whom was President of the United States, visited and gave a speech. Also, Musician Prince also donated money to the Town.

Now, more than a decade after the flood, Princeville is restored and encourages visitors to tour the Princeville Welcome Center and Museum as well as the Mural at Heritage Park, where one unlocks the secrets of the past, present, and future of this growing town.

For more information please visit:
Town of Princeville
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