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Digital Walking Tours

We are excited to offer digital walking tours of Tarboro. Download the GeoTourist app in your app store now and look for our tours. We hope you enjoy. If you have difficulties, please read the full instructions on how to access and use the tours below.

How to Access the Digital Walking Tours

  1. Download the GeoTourist App by following the links below: 
  2. Open the app and click the “Around Me” button to find our tours. 
  3. Look for “Tour of Historic Tarboro” or “Tarboro Historic Homes Walking Tour”
    • Choose “Tour of Historic Tarboro” for the general highlights of our historic town.
    • Choose “Tarboro Historic Homes Walking Tour” for a tour of the history and architecture of some of our most prominent homes.
  4. Begin the tour by clicking the pin on the map labelled #1.
  5. Click the banner at the bottom of the screen when you arrive to each location. You can click the play button to listen, or scroll to read the information. There will be a delay after clicking to play the audio as it loads.
  6. Continue following the pins in numerical order as you walk, each time clicking on the location when you arrive.